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Aleks Kingo - Ode to Procrastination

Photographer/Director: Aleks Kingo

“This film is an attempt to meet my own creative struggles, packed in a comical, slightly absurd form. In ‘Ode’, we follow the thought process of a young artist, Sarah. Sarah is trying to create what she thinks is the project of her lifetime, but procrastinates while struggling to start. The film explores relatable fears plenty of artists endure. Sarah copes with hers by completely ignoring them - in her head, she finds a good, yet sometimes absurd, reason for everything she does or doesn’t do and sprinkles her struggles with motivational quotes all while slightly dying inside.

I know too well about procrastination and creative doubts - being scared to start something that you truly love is definitely a form of torture. But just like Sarah, I have mastered the art of pretending everything is just fine and shrugging things off. In a way, Sarah is me, but she is also every other stuck creative out there. I wanted to create a film that is relatable and therapeutic, without being patronizing or mocking. Thinking of how much I was procrastinating when starting this script on procrastination, it’s also pretty meta which makes it even more special.” 

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